Feat Yachts:
Cruising Across Generations

In the world of yachting, cruising through the waves is not only about the boats but also about the relationships created during the journey. This philosophy has been at the heart of the Feat Yachts project since its inception when Athos Baldacci and Franca Mulazzani embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in 1973.

Their story began in the picturesque Portoverde of the 1970s, where Athos and Franca cultivated their passion for the sea. Together, they ran a business dedicated to the yachting world, laying the foundation for what would become Feat Yachts. With each passing day, they honed their listening skills, turning them into a source of strength and inspiration for those they met.

Collaborations with prestigious names such as Callegari, Chigi, Mercury, and Ferretti mark significant milestones in their journey. For 24 years, they worked alongside Ferretti as dealers throughout the Adriatic, cementing their reputation as trusted partners in the yachting industry.

Franca recalls, “Our gavetta has been our experience, and today we are very close.”

Indeed, their journey has been defined by shared experiences and an unwavering dedication to their passion.

As Feat Yachts sails into the future, it remains anchored in the values of integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

In 2016, Feat Yachts embarked on a new chapter as Sanlorenzo’s brand representative for the Adriatic Coast, and since 2021, it has been the exclusive dealer for Italy for Nerea Yachts, shipyards that represent the values of the company and who can best meet the needs of customers who like to take care of even the smallest detail.

With the passage of time came the promise of generational continuity. Federico and Roberta, Athos and Franca’s children, have taken leadership roles within Feat Yachts, infusing new energy and vision through innovative marketing and sales initiatives.

Athos speaks fondly of his children, emphasizing Roberta’s exceptional interpersonal skills and unwavering determination, as well as Federico’s outgoing nature and problem-solving skills. Together, they embody the spirit of Feat Yachts, leading the company to new horizons while remaining true to its roots.

The sales team, consisting of Andrea Baldacci, Athos’ brother, and Alessandro Comavez, rounds out the team, with experience, expertise, and dedication.

A story that began in 1973 and with a future yet to be written.

Athos Baldacci
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Federico Baldacci
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Andrea Baldacci
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Franca Mulazzani
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Roberta Baldacci
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Alessandro Comavez
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